How To Apply Koda & Belle Nail Polish Wraps

Applying Koda & Belle Nail Polish Wraps Is Easy! 

  1. Start with clean nails. Wipe clean with distilled vinegar or a light dishwashing liquid to remove all dirt, oils, lotion, sunscreen, etc.. Make sure to gently push back your cuticles, if you have not already done so. You can also lightly buff the nail with a buffing block to help the nail polish strip adhere better. Some users like to apply base coat or a nail hardener, but it's up to you.
  2. Choose a nail strip that is closest to the size of your nail. If necessary, you can gently stretch the strip to the shape of your nail.
  3. Remove the transparent protective layer and raise the nail sticker while holding the protective silver strip.
  4. Place the rounded strip at the base of your nail sticky side down. Smooth the surface while working your way from base to tip of nail, so it's wrinkle free. If needed, you can gently pull on the strip to stretch to fit. You can also use a cuticle pusher to help push the strip down close to the edge of your nail.
  5. Remove the excess strip with your fingernail or a pair of nail clippers. Then file end of nail gently in a downward motion, as to not tear the strip. Some people like to tuck under some of the excess strip, under their nail and then file later once the nail has time to cure (stick) to the nail.
  6. Even though a top coat is part of the strip, Koda & Belle, for further protection, recommends applying a top coat. Test on a small section first as not all top coats are the same and you wouldn't want it to make your strips lift.

Tips For Extending the Life of Your Mani 

  • Allow strips to cure to nail for 30 minutes to one hour before submerging in water. Some people put them on before bed to give them more time to adhere to the nail before doing all the things we do with our hands - cooking, folding laundry, playing sports, gardening - you name it!
  • Practice makes perfect! Each time you apply them, you will get better!
  • Store nails at room temperature. Cold strips can take longer to stick to your nails. If they get too cold, just warm them up by holding them in your hands.
  • Removal of Koda & Belle Nail Polish Wraps is easy! We suggest soaking  your nails in warm water for a about 5-6 minutes. See "How To Remove Koda & Belle Nail Polish Wraps" for additional information. 
  • We cannot promise how long your new mani style will last as everyone’s experience may differ. However, average time is 7-10 days, with some users getting up to 14 days. Submerging your hands in water too soon or coming in contact with everyday chemicals such as lotions, sunscreen, cleaning products, chlorine and more, can cause a chemical reaction to the strips and break down their staying power: causing fading, lifting, removal, and other complications to your manicure.